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The Original Adventure

The Story of Hector

Hector, the hairy cow has moved to the other side of the world and is missing his two best friends. He loves to remember their great adventures until one day something perfect happens.

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New Book - Now  Available 

The Story Continues

Hector, Hamish and Morag are heading to the beach on one of their many adventures when they come across a little boy in trouble. Join the three friends as they come up with a daring rescue plan to save him.

This is the next book in the adventures of Hector and his friends. 

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Let's meet Charlie

An Adventure Story

'Charlie was a little boy who loved to run about. Always on the go but with a tendency to shout.' Charlie is on a great adventure but this time he has to learn to keep quiet, can he do it?

Join Charlie and his new friend as he realises that being quiet can actually be fun.

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Introducing Leon
                   The 'scary' Lion

Leon was having a bad day as usual. Everyone he approached always ran away and he couldn't understand why, after all he looked after his appearance, so what could the problem be?

Join Leon on his journey of self discovery and learn it's not good to judge a book by it's cover.


There are 32 pages of colourful Illustrations featuring a Gorilla, Giraffe, Monkey, Sloth, Parrots and Elephants. The story will keep children guessing what animal in the zoo they will see next when you turn the page.


Available to buy very soon from the shop or from one of our online retail partners. 

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Meet some of the Characters

There would be no story without them

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Hector is a loveable, handsome, prize winning Hairy Highland Cow. He likes to have fun with his friends and help people. In a recent survey he was voted the cutest hairy cow on record.

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Hamish is one of Hector's best friends and the brother of the adorable Morag. Hamish has long black hair and striking green eyes and also likes to help people. He was once voted the most eligible bachelor cow on the Island of Canna.

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Morag is the big sister of Hamish and the prettiest Highland Cow you could ever meet. She is typically Scottish with long red hair, very caring and always ready to help other people in need.

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