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The Beach Rescue 

Hector, Hamish and Morag are heading to the beach on one of their many adventures when they come across a little boy in trouble. Join the three friends as they come up with a daring rescue plan to save him.


This is the second book in the Hector, Hamish and Morag series written by Christine Gillougley who is an Australian/Scottish author.

Beach Rescue

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The Beach Rescue, plus standard shipping within Australia.

Hardback Cover


$  9.70

TTL $34.70     

Books can be combined with either a Hector, Hamish or Morag plush soft. Click the button below to see prices and shipping details

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Customers in the UK, Canada and America can use the same QR code to purchase books only and we will ship from a local distribution point in your country via the national postal service (Royal Mail, US Post and Canada Post). For all other locations please email us at for a quote.

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