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Leon the Scary Lion

Leon was having a bad day as usual. Everyone he approached always ran away and he couldn't understand why, after all he looked after his appearance, so what could the problem be?  Join Leon on his journey of self-discovery and learn it's not good to judge a book by its cover.

This is a beautiful book full of lots of animals from the Zoo and will keep children engaged for hours.

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Leon the 'Scary' Lion, plus standard shipping within Australia.

Hardback Cover


$  9.70

TTL $34.70     

Combined the book with Leon as a plush soft toy in his PJ's, ready for his bedtime story.

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Customers in the UK, Canada and America can use the same QR code to purchase books only and we will ship from a local distribution point in your country via the national postal service (Royal Mail, US Post and Canada Post). For all other locations please email us at for a quote.

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